Lash Lift and Tint

At Sky’s Aesthetics, we offer the Keratin-Boosted Lash Lift Starter Kit with Bella Lash! This service enhances your natural lash look, giving you that beautiful look when you awake!

This is one of the simplest ways to change your look, and it is a quick, painless, and affordable treatment that will make your eyes appear instantly brighter, more open, and make you seem more awake and younger! After getting this service your lashes will now have that flutter and sexy curl you have always wanted! You can think of this service like you’re getting a permanent curl your lashes always needed and like you are applying mascara that NEVER wears off!

With this service there are two processes. Much like an eyelash curler works, the lash lift mimics the same effect. It makes your lashes bend upwards, making them appear longer and leaving your eyes brighter and more open. With the second part of the service, the lash tint acts like you are applying several coats of mascara. It causes your eyelashes to appear darker and fuller!

This premium service will last anywhere from 45-60 minutes and the lashes last 4-6 weeks.


Eyelash and Brow Enhancement Serum

Available for purchase from the Image Skincare I Beauty collection is the Brow and Lash Enhancement Serum! Frame your eyes with lengthier lashes and full, healthy brows with this specialty serum! This an intensive blend of peptides, conditioners and plant stem cell extracts that supports healthy follicles and protects against breakage. It also enhances short or sparse lashes and brows by visibly improving thickness and length.


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